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First Years Commitee 2019/2020
Date and time
Dec 5, 2019 14:00 - 16:30
Storm Room

Dear Stormers,
Winter is coming and that means that Sinterklaas will be visiting the Netherlands! For those who are not familiar: Sinterklaas is an old Dutch holiday best known for its questionable traditions😅.. Luckily the Old man is coming to the Stormroom on December 5th and he won’t be bringing any racist stereotypes with him! So join us for a fun pub quiz and see for yourself what presents the old man has brought for you! Access is only 3,50 and you’re guaranteed to receive a gift! Be quick though, because the Stormroom isn’t that big!!
Season’s greetings!🌕⛄
Stormborn (aka the First-year committee)

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