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First Years Commitee 2019/2020
Date and time
Dec 5, 2019 14:00 - 16:30
Storm Room

Dear Stormers,
Winter is coming and that means that Sinterklaas will be visiting the Netherlands! For those who are not familiar: Sinterklaas is an old Dutch holiday best known for its questionable traditions?.. Luckily the Old man is coming to the Stormroom on December 5th and he won’t be bringing any racist stereotypes with him! So join us for a fun pub quiz and see for yourself what presents the old man has brought for you! Access is only 3,50 and you’re guaranteed to receive a gift! Be quick though, because the Stormroom isn’t that big!!
Season’s greetings!?⛄
Stormborn (aka the First-year committee)

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