Flunkyball Tournament

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Kolokolo 2023/2024
Date and time
May 17, 2024 19:00 - 21:00
Weide tot Vermaeck

Flunkyball Tournament

Dear Stormers🍃

Now that winter is finally coming to an end, it's time for an all-time favourite Storm activity: a Flunkyball Tournament⚽🍻All proceeds will be donated to Merazonia charity, a dynamic wildlife refuge center in Equador.

On the 17th of May from 19:00- 21:00, we will gather at Weide tot Vermaeck. The ticket price of 8 euros will include plenty of beer and a 0% option. Externals are also allowed! So make sure to gather the best players for your team! There will be a special price for the winning team for some extra motivation;)

Sooo, want to break in the spring by a) playing one of thé best drinking games b) with your friends c) at sunset in the park, sign up now!!

Sign up with a team of max 7 people or sign up to be placed in a team! If you are with 5 or less, people might be added to your team! Note: each individual in your team must sign up separately. Externals can sign up through the Google form: https://forms.gle/czGZu45skCP4zXb4A.  All participants must follow the provided Storm Flunkyball Rules.

xxx Kolokolo 23/24


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