Gala: Casino Royale

About this event

Board 2022/2023 ''Dea Dia''
Date and time
16 Feb 2023 21:00 - 17 Feb 2023 02:00
Californiedreef 16-18

Heeyy Stormers!

Storm, Sticky and Helix have come together to organise one of the biggest parties of the year, the Gala! On the 16th of February we will have the Gala at a beautiful location in Utrecht, so mark the date in your agenda as this will be a (fancy) party you don’t want to miss. We will be dancing from 21:00-02:00 in a casino-like theme which of course means you can always take a gamble on someone! The doors will close at 22:30, but there is an open bar during the party so you want to make sure you’re there on time.

Hope to see you soon all dressed up fancy!

xx the GalaCie