Gala diner - "Wie lock jij down vanavond?"

About this event

Date and time
Feb 11, 2021 17:00 - 22:00

Dear members of Helix, Storm and V.U.G.S.,

*The Gala is already full! If you want to join the Gala with your own dinner and participate in the Crazy 33, you can! This means, that there will not be a photographer coming to make a photo of your amazing outfit. If you want to join, you can send an email to*

We present to you, gala 2021! This entails a delicious vegan three-course meal delivered at home for you to enjoy with 2 of your friends of your association! It will take place on the 11th of February and the theme is Valentines! During the gala there will be a livestream with musicians and photographers will come to your house to capture your gala outfits. This special night, in a time where the days can become one big blur, will only cost you 17,50 euros p.p. The menu truly is very delicious so do not hesitate any further and subscribe! Subscription opens the 11th of January at 13:00. This is the link to the forms:

Much love and stay safe,

The gala committee