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Date and time
Apr 24, 2018 13:00 - 17:00

Every year the study assocations from the Geo Faculty organize an activity together to have a studyrelated interdisciplinary afternoon! 
This year the activity will be different than the years before: we are going to do some fieldwork! The 24th of March we will explore 'Het Werkspoorkwartier' in Utrecht. 
Het Werkspoorkwartier was originally an area where they produced steel for the trains and bridges. Today the production of steel is not longer necessary and het Werkspoorkwartier is an area that is in development. Together with the UU, the HU and many other organisations Het Werkspoorkwartier will become a circulair hub. 
The theme of the Geo Day will therefore be 'Circulairity'. 
How is the therm 'circulair economy' implemented in Het Werkspoorkwartier? What are they doing right? What can be done better? 

Together with students from all 5 Geo study associations you will get a free lunch, attend a lecture from Dr. Ir. Jesús Gonzales Carreon, visit some companies in Het Werkspoorkwartier, work on a casus and end the day with a drink! 
There are only 12 spots available for every study association, so hurry up and subscribe! 

See you there! 

The Geo Committee
V.U.G.S., Helix, Storm, U.A.V., Egea