Geoday: Metal Cathedral

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Board 2022/2023 ''Dea Dia''
Date and time
Mar 22, 2023 13:30 - 14:30
Metal Cathedral

Hii Stormers 💚

It is almost time for our yearly GEODAY!! Together with Helix, V.U.G.S and U.A.V we will visit and get a tour at the Metal Cathedral:

A biotope of 1 hectare of historic estate with a monumental building surrounded by 15 hectares of food forest.
Located in the middle of the urbanized environment in the heart of the Netherlands and the urban renewal of Utrecht.
A knowledge and culture center that in practice shapes the new society on the basis of the power, knowledge and skills of nature🌿

The geoday is on the 22nd of March from 13:30 until 14:30. The location is Rijksstraatweg 20, Utrecht and it is free. 

And of course you will get an educational SAC Point for this!!🤩

We hope to see you there!

~ V.U.G.S, U.A.V, Helix and Storm