Initiative Market

About this event

Board 2023/2024 ''Lutum''
Date and time
Jun 13, 2024 17:00 - 19:30
Mezzanine Mineart Hall

Initiative Market

Dear Stormers,

A lot of Stormers are looking for a way to contribute to society during their Study Time, or they are already doing it🤗. After our bachelor some Stormers have great ideas, or Initiatives to improve this world! However, they sometimes find it difficult to actually take the leap to start this Initiative.

Luckily we have invited some people who already dared to take this step and start their own Initiative🥳 We have created the Initiative Market where a dozen different organisations can tell you their story‼ We have also invited Liset Meddens from Fossielvrij NL to give an explanation about how she started this great Initiative which turned out to win a Court Case against KLM🫣 

So if you want to learn more about this, we will see you there🫵