Kolokolo Tote Bag

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Kolokolo 2023/2024
11 Mar - 11 Apr 2024

Kolokolo Tote Bag

Hey Stormers💚

It's finally time for the annual Kolokolo merchandise sale!! We have put together some fun designs and created a cosy hoodie & versatile tote bag.

Perfect for those lazy days lounging around or dragging yourself to your 9:00 AM lecture: the "Respect the locals" hoodie🐆 

Available in both dark chocolate AND military green, we have something for everyone's taste. For 37,50 euros it can be yours too, just make sure to pre-order it within 10 days.

You can never have enough tote bags🍃 This affordable yet sustainable model with the Storm logo is only 7,50 euros!

Soo… what are your waiting for? Do some shopping for charity and order an item (or both!!) today.

Much love,

Kolokolo 23/24


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