Masters: Ice Skating

About this event

Master Committee 2022/2023
Date and time
Feb 9, 2023 20:15 - 21:45
Vechtse Banen

It’s time for the second master event this winter! It is still cold and frisky outside and we are sure a lot of you are waiting for certain winter activitie. Thats why, we the Masterpieces have organised an ice skating evening.

The ice skating evening will be held at De Vechtsebanen at 20:15 pm on the 9th of February. It will be a great way to spend some of the free time you might still have at the beginning of the period! 

You can bring your own ice skates if you own them but don’t worry if you do not. You will have the opportunity to rent them at De Vechtsebanen for additional 6-7 euros (you will pay for them separately at the venue by yourself).