Monthly Drinks: Jungle

About this event

Date and time
Mar 22, 2018 21:00 - 23:00
Ouwe Dikke Dries

Hi Stormers,

Next week we will be exploring the wild jungle life here in Utrecht, the ouwe dikke dries, during the monthly drinks.

Be ready for spotting the world's most colourful birdies, wildest tigers, fat bears, funny monkeys and many more inner beasts. Since it's winter and damn cold, we should gather around as tropical animals to stay warm. But be careful for some stupid(!!) hunters which might be sneaking around.

o.d.z. Let your wild side out -> where is your Tarzan, Jane? (or reverse)

Tsjrp, grr, oehoeh, toeter, roar, zoom, quack, sssss,

The party committee.

p.s. people with exams don't worry, you can learn enough from Baloo the bear!