Online Board Games - CANCELLED


Joining this event is not possible anymore

About this event

Master Committee 2021-2022
Date and time
Jan 20, 2022 19:30 - 21:00

Hello fellow Stormers 

The Outmasterers are back after their first event with a new event for only the masters. We heard you were all quite sad that the boardgames evening was cancelled, so it is back! Revised to fit the corona measures, we are going to have an online board game session with several types of games such as Among Us, but also your typical nice party and board games as Pictionary and Catan. To make sure the evening is complete, we will provide a box of snacks and ingredients for a cocktail (or a mocktail) as well. It’ll be on the 20th of January and €2,5. So be sure to sign up and join us in this fun activity .

In the comments box we would like to know whether you would like a dry, sweet or non-alcoholic cocktail and whether you would prefer online games, party games or board games. You can always change your opinion later, but it is for us to have a first indicator .

We will start from 19:30 and officially will be until 21:00, but if you want to continue afterwards you are of course able to do so.

The event is for masters only!


Xx The Outmasterers