S&G: In it to win it


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Sports and Games
Sports and Games Committee 2020/2021
Date and time
Dec 2, 2020 20:30 - 22:00

Heyy stormers! Remember how we played 'among us' last time, welllll, this time we offer you 3x as much fun!! Instead of playing one game, you will play 3 games in groups of 3 (so you can join with your friends or meet new stormers). Each group member will play the games 'spyfall', 'cards against humanity' and 'scribbio' once, and try to gain as many points as possible in each game. The group with the most total points after playing each game, will win a packet of games that you can share with friends, family, housemates etc. during the holidays! So make sure to choose your team wisely (or trust in strangers!) and be in it to win it :))

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