Visit the Beurskwartier

About this event

Lectures and Excursions Committee 2023/2024
Date and time
Apr 4, 2024 14:00 - 16:00
In front of the Municipality

Visit the Beurskwartier

Urban planning in Utrecht should be future-oriented and sustainable. Do you want to know what your municipality is doing to move us towards a sustainable Utrecht?

If so, the next 'Lex on the Beach' event is meant for you. On April 4th, we will be visiting the municipality for a presentation on "the Beurskwartier" a new neighborhood under development in Utrecht. They will share their ambitions to make this neighborhood more circular and sustainable with us. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and the highlight of the event will be a tour of the Beurskwartier, where we will witness its transformation into sustainable housing.

If this piques your interest, sign up now and get your SAC point! Entrance fee is only 1.50, and we will convene in front of the municipality at 14:00

Warm regards from the Lex on the Beach committee!