COVID-19 update and holiday wishes

Dear Stormers,

Due to the new regulations we decided to start the break early and close the Stormroom completely until further notice. Tuesday (the 15th) is your last chance to pick up stuff and say your final goodbyes for 2020, after that we will not be present anymore in the Stormroom.

These are hard times, but stay in there and don’t lose hope. The Storm community is always there if you need something and don’t hesitate to contact us for anything! 🌱🥰

For now we want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and above all, healthy 2021. We miss you, but we will see each other soon. ✨

Lots of love, 💚
Maite, Loïs, Nienke, Lotte, Joshua & Astrid


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