Introparents signup is opened!

Helloooo Stormers,
This message comes from the Intro Committee 2020-2021 who have some exciting news for you! Because the subscriptions for becoming an intro mentor parent are open now! Of course we do not know exactly what the week is going to look like because of corona, but we do know that whatever happens, the introweek will happen this year, and the chances of it being in real life are looking pretty good. So pay good attention while reading the following information if you want to participate in the most amazing week of the year! 🤗

What do you have to do to apply?
- Send your motivation letter before the 12th of may  to and convince us that you and your partner would be an amazing mentor couple!
- Find yourself a partner from the opposite sex, but be aware that you are not allowed to sign up with your boyfriend or girlfriend!
- Don't forget to add a happy/cute/party picture of the two of you to your letter! 🥰
- You have to be available from 6-12 september. This is the introweek AND weekend. So block it in your agenda! 🗓️
- It would also be a big plus if the two of you combined have enough space to store 8-12 kids (for sleeping and having dinner).

Here are a few things to base your letter upon, if you choose this option. It needs to be at least 500 words including 1 APA reference. For all motivation-types, you need to answer at least 3 of the following questions:
- What makes you a great couple / great parents?
- Which movie describes your friendship best? 🎞️
- What kind of pizza would you describe your partner as? 🍕
- How long would it take the two of you to build in a LAX IKEA closet? 👩‍🔧🧑‍🔧

Unfortunately the intro week is not free, not even for mentors, but it is only 15 euros, so totally worth it 💁‍♀️ And if you manage to guess the theme of this year that is hidden in the poster, you win a fun prize! 🎁

When you submit your application, make sure that you make the best of it by being as creative as possible! Think about making a short video, writing a poem about how bad you want to become a mentor or something else! This gives you bonus points and entertains us while going through your applications:). But please try to obey the current corona 🦠 measures while creating your applications! 

We are looking forward to your creations, 

Liieeffffsss the Intro Committee


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