Mentor Parents Introduction Week

Mentor Parents Introduction Week

Here is a message of the only Storm committee still sure that their activity can Probably go on in these unsure corona-times; INTROOO?. We have some good news, y’all can start with your mentor applications because the subscription for mentorparents has just opened?. So, if you want to be a mentor parent in the upcoming introduction week and show the new Storm kids on the block the ropes of being a GSS-student, then please send your motivation to

Of course we have some requirements for these motivations, because lol for us. What do we need from you??

First, have a look at the poster and read the important info on it. To add to this information:

  • You cannot be in a relationship with your partner.
  • Together, you need to have enough room for your entire group of kids (8 in total) to stay at and that you can have dinner at!
  • Price for the whole week is only 20 euros!??
  • Whoever guesses the theme wins a price!

Secondly, if you are going to write a motivation letter, it needs to be at least 500 words including 1 APA reference?. For all motivation-types, you need to answer at least 3 of the following questions:

  1. What makes you a great couple??
  2. If you were a cocktail together, what would be the name of your cocktail??
  3. What type of ball would you describe your partner as?
  4. If you were to take a trip with INTRO family, where would you go??

As said, a motivation letter is sufficient as application, but if you want to increase your chances (and make us happy?), we strongly recommend to be as creative as you possibly can. (e.g. try to top the songs made last year, make a video, do a modern dance in which you express the answer to our questions).

Note: We do NOT want to encourage you to meet with your future husband/wife to make these more creative motivations. Just #StayHomeStaySafe and #FlattenTheCurve. If you want to be more creative, try and do this with some kind of online format.?

We are looking forward to seeing/watching/reading all your motivations,

Much love and kusjes, your IntroBro’s??


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