Photography and Investment Committee

Hi Stormers!


We have an important message. In February, two extra committees will be installed during the Semi-Annual General Meeting. These are the Photography Committee and the Investment Committee. Read the descriptions of the committees below. If you would like to become a member of one of these committees, send an application letter (in English) to *before 23:59 on the 12th of February*!


*Photography Committee*

Is photography your passion, your everything, or is it just something that you would like to learn? Then you should apply for the Photography Committee, a.k.a. *The Pixcie*! During all of our wonderful events, you will be the one *taking the pictures*! After the event, you are responsible for publishing the photos on Storm’s Flickr page! Every year, your job as a Pixcie member is to compile all those pictures that you have made into one amazing *photo yearbook*. This year, due to the large amount of online activities, you will mainly focus on creating the photo yearbook! The Pixcie will meet around once every three weeks.  If this sounds like music to your ears, then write your application letter for the Pixcie! 


*The Investment Committee*

Are you interested in investing? Then the Investment Committee might be perfect for you! Every five years Storm invests money in sustainable companies/startups. Five years pass quickly and next year, the invested money will be released again. Therefore, we will have to select one or more companies we will invest our money in next year. Thus, as a member of the Investment Committee you will be *searching for appropriate companies or startups* that are worth to invest Storm’s money in. The workload is not too high, as there still is quite some time left. We will meet about once every two/three weeks. If this sounds interesting to you, then write your application letter for the Investment Committee!


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