Update: measures regarding COVID-19 virus

Dear Stormers,

Hereby the promised update on Storm events related to the COVID-19 virus. Yesterday, we have received an assessment framework for events by University. With this framework, and taking in mind the guidelines posed by the RIVM and common sense, we have come to the following conclusions.

  • For all activities that are continued to be organised it holds that we expect people that show symptoms to stay at home. If you unsubscribe from an activity, you will receive full refunds/the direct debit will be cancelled.
  • The Storm room will be closed until March 31st or as long as Utrecht University is cancelling physical education.
  • The Storm Sabotaged weekend is cancelled. Since the destination is in the province of Noord-Brabant, we think it is not responsible to go on with the weekend.
  • The Sustainable Dinner will, for now, still be organised.
  • The Monthly Drinks will, for now, continue to be organised. We have been in contact with Walden, and for now there is no reason to cancel the event as long as people showing symptoms stay home. We do not expect to reach the 100 participants.
  • The Parent’s Day is cancelled. An email with explanation has been sent to all participants, please forward this email to your guests if you were subscribed.
  • Master drinks ft. Alumni: we are in contact with Van Velzen, an update will follow next week.
  • The 24h-trip to Frankfurt is cancelled. The organising associations do not want to take risk in going abroad.  
  • De Leckere Tour – Geo Day: we are in contact with de Leckere, an update will follow next week.
  • The big clean-up – Doggy Style will continue for now, since it is in the open air and it confirms to the guidelines.
  • Single night camping trip will go on for now. There seems to be no reasons to cancel the event for now, we will keep you updated in case of changes.
  • Board Information Afternoon will be a livestream, since people will not be at University. Exact details on how the event will continue will follow.
  • Shoot your shot - pool party please will continue for now.
  • The Crossing Borders Trip is cancelled. The committee and the board have, together, come to the conclusion that we do not want to put the participants' health at risk or to risk getting stuck abroad. Further updates for the participants will follow next week.

We will keep updating this according to the updates of the Dutch authorities. All events that will continue to be organised will continue with subject to changes, meaning that if the situation changes, we will re-evaluate our decisions.

We want to thank all committees that have organised these events for their hard work and effort! We have had a hard time coming to all these decisions, but we hope you understand our decisions.

Take care!

Lots of love,

Beaufort Ten


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