The campaign ‘Bescherm het Bos (‘Protect the Forest’) was set up to fight the plans to expand the A27 highway near Utrecht. To realise this plan, the forest of Amelisweerd would have to make place for a lot of asphalt, which will have disastrous effects for the ecosystem of the forest and city...
The campaign team believed that the enormous amount of money that was budgeted for the expansion plans (€1,2 billion!) should instead be invested in infrastructure that contributes to a sustainable future, like public transportation or ‘bycicle highways’ around the city. These alternatives are better for the livability of the city, the forest and our health.

In October 2017, Storm was contacted by the campaign team to support this message. And of course, we accepted! In the 1980’s, the first environmental scientists in Utrecht also protested the expansion of the highway near Utrecht, and we wanted to do this again on behalf of our generation.
To support the campaign, Storm collected money to ‘adopt’ a tree in the forest through crowdfunding among our members. And with success: we were able to donate over 200 euro, for which in return we now have our own Storm tree in Amelisweerd! The adoption certificate is also displayed in the Stormroom!

Boardmembers of the 27th Board; Juul Kappelhof, Sterre Westenbrink, Helge Giezeman and Saré Geurts, at the launch of the campaign in February 2018.