Utrecht Natuurlijk

Utrecht Natuurlijk is an organization with a focus on a greener and more sustainable city for everyone. They have multiple parks and city gardens for people to connect with nature and with each other. A big focus of this organization is educating about nature, biodiversity and sustainable food production. 

This last thing is something we can help them with. The case they have for us is about how they can contribute to more local and sustainable food production within Utrecht. Since Utrecht Natuurlijk has multiple vegetable gardens throughout the city they can really change something in this area. If you want to help them with a plan for this and take a dive into sustainable food production you can sign-up via this link:


For more information on what Utrecht Natuurlijk is already working on you can check out these links:





At the beginning of this case, we will host a launch event. This will take place in the evening on the 5th of April. During this launch event, you will meet your consultancy group, the contact person from Utrecht Natuurlijk, the mentors and the committee. 

For more information, you can contact us via: stormconsultancyutrecht@gmail.com