Master Introduction 2022-2023

Greetings future Sustainable Development and Water Science & Management students!

Thank you for visiting the website of Storm. You can find everything related to the Master introduction period on this tab! If you want to know what Storm is and what it has to offer for you, click on the association tab. If you want to know what we will do during the Master Introduction period, then keep reading!

What will you find below?

  • Explanation of Introduction Period
  • How to become a member of Storm
  • Practicalities
  • Questions
  • Schedule of the Introduction Period

The Introduction Period   --------schedule below-------- sign-up opens Monday the 5th at 09:00. 

The Master Introduction period of SD (Sustainable Development) and WSM (Water Science and Management) consists of an introduction week (Monday the 5th of September until Friday the 9th) in Utrecht and a fully provided weekend from Friday the 16th until Sunday the 18th of September! You can subscribe for all events through the website, under the events page, after you have become a member at Storm. We will now elaborate below on how you can become a member of Storm.

Become a member

You can become a member of Storm via the SIGN-UP! tab on this website. Membership costs 10 euros a year, for which you will get a discount on your study books, access to many events (career, sports & games, cooking, weekends, and much more!), monthly drinks, free coffee and tea in the Storm room on campus, and a great way to make new friends! Also you can already order your books for the first period with a discount! 


  • You have to become a member of Storm in order to participate in the introduction week, which is most wise to do before the week starts. For some activities, you will have to pay an additional small amount to partake. 
  • We aim to provide as detailed information as soon as we have it available, but sometimes this will not be possible. Hence, the schedule might be subject to change! Be sure to keep an eye on this webpage.


If you have any questions about the Master Introduction Period, being a master at Storm, or something mentioned on this webpage you can always send an email to the Master Committee. If you have any question about ordering books, you can send an email to Storm's Commissioner of Educational Affairs. For general questions about Storm or signing up, you can send an email to Storm's Secretary.

We hope to meet you at the Introduction Week!

Sustainable greetings and all the best,

The Master Committee 2021-2022

---------------Schedule Introduction Week-------------

Remember this might be subject to change, so keep checking it!