Excursion: North-Polder Tour


The North-Polder Tour will take us to some Dutch cultural heritage. Thinking Polar, we will travel to the far end of not the globe, but the country. We will meet up at 10:00 @ Utrecht Centraal on Tuesday the 7th of December. Shortly after we will take the train to Warffum. Since it is a whole trip, you’ll have plenty of time to study a bit or to play games, chat with fellow Stormers and enjoy the views of the Dutch landscape. At Warffum station, a bus will take us to the final destination Noordpolder (sounds like North Pole-der, right?). Here, we will go mudflat hiking on the Dutch ‘wadden’ and through the polder, guided by experienced guides, who can tell us all about the birds and nature of the area. Since it is December and we might get a little freeezy, we will get a cup of soup and some hot chocolate afterwards, so that we can warm up and cozily get back on the train to Utrecht. We will arrive back at Utrecht Centraal around quarter to seven. 

In short, we offer:

  • A cultural must-do activity!

  • Knowledge from experienced mudflat hikers. 

  • A train ticket from Utrecht Centraal to Warffum and back (if you do not have week-OV).

  • A cup of soup and a drink.

Put on your warm clothes and your sturdy shoes, take your binoculars and ANWB guide, and (if you don’t trust Pixcie) your camera; we’re going on an adventure! Kind of feels like a Polar Expedition, doesn’t it?!​