The Polar Express

Though the name of this activity might suggest a train ride, we will actually take a different mode of transportation. For many, Storm’s legendary favourite bus driver is only that, a legend. Told in every introduction week, jumped for at every party. But now is the time to meet the one and only Ton. And then to spend a whole 30 hours with him and 60 Stormers. For Storm’s 30th birthday, a 24-hour trip just didn’t seem to do it. A lustrum means going that extra mile, to take it further, think bigger. We will leave Saturday the 12th of February around 4:30 at Utrecht Science Park. Make sure to go to bed early the night before, because Ton’s bus is not for sleeping (unless you are a VERY deep sleeper). The party bus will take us to the country of baguettes and croissants, the city of light, the city of love: PARIS. Once there, we will take care of breakfast after which we’ll explore the city with a fun game. Of course, there will also be plenty of time to visit all the highlights of the city on your own, to make use of the student discount on museums in France (aka FREE access) or to chill out in a nice park (searching for nature everywhere, right?). A city trip is not complete without an evening of going out, and once we’ve seen the nightlife of Paris, we will finish at our favourite place: Club Avonturier. This party on wheels will make sure we arrive back in Utrecht around 10:30 on Sunday the 13th of February.

In short:

  • 30-hour trip to Paris!

  • Breakfast, city game and metro ticket included.

  • Departure: 4:30 @ Princetonplein (USP), Saturday 12th of February (so the night of Friday to Saturday)

  • Arrival: 10:30 @ Princetonplein (USP), Sunday 13th of February (30h later, surprise)

  • Spots are limited for this event (only 60 people fit in the bus). 

Get ready for this cooooool event to Paris (some insiders may even refer to it as ParICE). Lots of love, the Lustrum Committee