Indoor Fun

Time to revive all your old childhood dreams on Tuesday December 21st. We will go back in time and feel young again in MonkeyTown IJsselstein. Join your fave committee on a night of Indoor Fun. For only 15 euros you can have fun on the payground and go laser gaming for 3,5hrs straight (18:30-22:00). Also, 2 drinks are included in the price already. Be sporty and go play tag in the ball pit or do jumping jacks on the trampoline while enjoing some beers. Have a break and go play laser tag with/against your friends. Who can call him/herself the Queen or King of the playground? This night will be an absolute blast! 

In short:
- Indoor Fun night; playground/laser gaming
- 2 drinks included, more on your own costs
- Snacks can be ordered at the bar
- Acting like a child without being childish!