First Year Committee

Dear Stormers. We are the First-year committee of 2020-2021. This committee is dedicated to make the first-years’ integration into Storm as fun as possible, arranged by other first-year students. This year we are called ‘les Petits Enfants’, hence our very cute family picture :).  

Our committee is chaired by the joyful Jelle Biegel, the baby of the group. When Jelle is not busy with being chairman, he works at (according to him) the best supermarket in the Netherlands, the Albert Heijn.  

Up next is our secretary and only international Sara Matthee, who keeps track of the minutes, the mail, the administration of the beer points, and provides us with the necessary German fun-facts when we need them. She once got chased by a cow while driving to a campsite at night. Despite being the oldest in the group she still loves all the other enfants.  

Moving on, we have our treasurer, the multilingual half-international Paul Verkade, who arranges our finances. He has lived all over the world. One thing that’s on Paul’s bucket list is that he wants to have climbed a mountain top in every continent at the end of his life. You could say there is a certain rivalry between Jelle and Paul, as Paul works at the Jumbo…  

Next is proud brabo Makia van de Groenendaal, who is responsible for the promotion of our events. When nobody shows up, we know who to blame :p. She loves sushi and claims to be the best at 30 seconds. 

Then we have Madelief Bentschap Knook, our photographer. Besides taking pictures and liking good food, Madelief also loves to kickbox, so you know not to mess with her or the other enfants!  

We also have Renée Simons, who has seen the Notebook at least 10 times (who could blame her, it’s a good movie) and whose youth dream it was to go to the Olympics by doing gymnastics.  

Then we also have Nora Betcke, who loves to cook and play beach volleyball. When Nora was younger she thought her parents’ job was to make sandwiches.  

You might think that putting only first-years into one committee is the recipe for a chaotic and doomed committee, but luckily our board member mom Loïs is here to make sure that does not happen. A fun fact about Loïs is that she always eats the less tasty first, and then the delicious food last! 

Now that you have gotten to know us, we would love to get to know you guys! That’s why we are very busy planning fun events to make sure we and the other first-years integrate into Storm in the most fun way possible! 

See you soon ! 

Xxx les Petits Enfants 

First Year Committee 2020/2021
From left to right: Nora Betcke, Madelief Bentschap Knook, Renée Simons, Makia van de Groenendaal, Loïs van der Kleij, Jelle Biegel, Paul Verkade, and Sara Matthee