First Year Committee

We are the First Year committee!

Our goal is to bring together students of different years by creating opportunities for spending time together. Some of the activities we’ve already organized include a Halloween pub quiz and a Sinterklaas dice game. We all love getting too deep into the weekly questions and gossip during meeting time. As our lovely chair, we got Mary, who always has funny stories to tell or puts more effort into the weekly question than making the agenda. As our secretary, we have Saar, who tries really hard to keep up with everything that is said during the meeting and believe me that is a lot. As our treasurer, we have Brechtje, who ensures we have enough money for every activity and always has enthusiastic and ambitious ideas about new activities. For our commissioners of promotion, we have Sophie and Inger, they make sure the activities are going to be stacked with people with their amazing promotional pieces. Then we have Sofia who helps out wherever she can, and sometimes talks Italian with Sophie. Lastly, we have Erwin, the board member of our committee, he is the glue that holds the committee together, and as the only man in the committee, he gets to enjoy all of the girl talk!

See you at our next activity!

Xx τα μωρά committee! (First years committee)