First Year Committee

Dear stormers, 

We are delighted to introduce you to this year’s First year committee: The Groentjes. Our name originates from the dutch term being a groentje (a greenie), which you are if you have never done something before or if you’re very new to something. Furthermore, green is our favourite colour and the colour of nature and sustainability! 

Our goal is to make sure you get to know your fellow students, the university and of course Utrecht itself. We will organise several future events to make sure you integrate in a fun and active way. 

Our lovely chair is Birgit, who lives in the very gezellige south Brabant and spends half her day in the train to and from Utrecht. Birgit loves worstenbroodjes and carnaval, and is strijding to get her driver’s license.

Our secretary Yegor is Russian but has lived in Hilversum for years, which grants him the ability to understand all the (awfully bad) Dutch woordgrappen that are made during the meetings. 

The position of treasurer is filled by Jelle, who has learned all the ins and outs of being a treasurer from his intro papa. Jelle plays korfbal at a very high level, and also is the king of karaoke; he is still experiencing some throat pains from our first activity.

Eva is our first commissioner of promotion. She is from the lovely Nijmegen but lives now in Utrecht. She likes stamppot, board games and is always in for a fuif. She is never brak but always tired. 

The other commissioner of promotion is Cato, who is still on the hunt for a room in Utrecht and has a hospi every week, but without any luck thus far. So for now she still travels from the far Velp to Utrecht. You can find Cato in the club and on the hockey field every weekend, if you are able to spot her, because she is the shortest of the bunch.

Lucie is one of our commissioners of visuals and our German girl, who lives all the way in Overvecht. She misses the German bratwursten and beer.

Ilvie is our other commissioner of visuals, and also an active korfbal player. The debate on who is the better korfbal player will be settled in a very exciting korbal match at the end of the year. Ilvie is our youngest committee member, but that does not stop her from going all out.

Our lovely board member Meike keepsus all in check, and even though she had no choice in joining our committee, she secretly enjoys hanging out with us. Even though Meike would never admit it, we are her fav committee; she is a groentje by heart. 

Now that you know a little bit more about us we hope to actually get to know you too at one of our activities!

Green Greetings from the Groentjes!!