First Year Committee

We are the 2023-2024 First year committee!!

Our goal is to connect the First years to the students of different years. We do this by organizing amazing activities that are attractive to everybody. Our first activity of the year, a crazy disco pub quiz, was a hit and it was enjoyed by everyone.

Maartje is our lovely chair that is always well-prepared for the meetings and always in a good mood!

Aytac is our secretary. She is there to take notes of the meeting which she does very well, even though she sometimes gets a little distracted.

Our treasurer is Minoe. She in charge of the budgets for our events. Because of her we have enough budget left for our last events to organize something big.

Isabelle and Teun are our commissioners of bonding. They organize fun things for us to do such as a cocktail or karaoke night. We can also rely on Isabelle to bring snacks to our meeting.

Lotus is our commissioner of promotion. She makes sure to write a motivational text to make sure that lots of people come to our activities.

Jakob is there to help everyone out with their to do’s and during the meeting he’s always enthusiastic and comes up with new ideas.

And last but not least, we have Jens as board-member within our committee.

Xx- The whippersnappers