First Year Committee

Hi beautiful stormers! We are The Red Cubs, adorable, newborn, first years. We, as the First Year Committee, organize fun activities throughout the year, for every stormer to get to know even more stormers. By attending our enjoyable activities you’ll be able to meet a lot of nice people from different years, as our activities aim to unite first and older years of Storm.

Our committee consist of 7 first year stormers, namely Ariane our cheerful Chairwoman, she makes sure everything runs smooth. Sexy Secretary Hugo hands work magic to write our brilliant ideas down, but most importantly he makes sure everyone gets the beer points they deserve. Our trusty treasurer Nienke deals with our coin, to make sure our activities have the best price for the best outcome. Robin, our caring commissioner of promotion, makes sure to inform you guys about all our wonderful activities. Tender Tjeerd, mindful Misha and sweet Sacha complete this committee perfectly, with great ideas and execution. However, none of this can be done without our shining Sham, she guides us through this year with all her wisdom and experience to ensure our activities are as good as they can be!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our future activities! So please join them as you won’t regret it!

(bear) hugs and kisses,

The Red Cubs

Ariane van ‘t Riet

Hugo Kwaaitaal

Nienke van Dijk

Robin van Velthuijsen

Tjeerd Nijdam

Misha Sakina Haroon

Sacha van Slobbe

Shamwari Anseeuw


Partners of Storm