Almanac Committee

Hi guys, 

This year the almanac committee will publish its third yearbook already! For the third year in a row, we will deliver a summary of this years anecdotes, activities, pictures and so much more. The yearbook gives all stormers a chance to look back at this wonderful year with friends, family and fellow stormers. This is what makes the almanac so valuable and why everyone should want to be a part of this amazing committee. 

Within our committee there is a lot of creative freedom. Together we decide the theme of this years almanac, what elements we want to add, which colors we like, what program we use, etc. During a year we collect memories from fellow stormers, by documenting all the fun activities and sending out surveys. The surveys can contain any question the committee desires. This year the Almanac committee happens to consist of seven first years and one board member, with which we meet every other week. The meetings are a great way to bond and get to know new people.

We plan on making this years almanac the best one yet, but in order to do that we will need the help of all stormers. Which is why we kindly ask you to please share your favorite memories of this year with us, so we can include them in our Almanac :). This way we can all reflect on a great year together.

Almanac Committee 2023/2024

Eva-Luna Bakmeyer (2023) Commissioner of Bonding
Rosa Beenen (2023) Treasurer, Commissioner of Design
Jente Hollenberg (2023) Treasurer, Commissioner of Design
Amarins de Jong (2023) Secretary
Piet Van Leeuwen (2022) Board Representative
Arianna Amanda Skyttä (2023) Chair
Hanna Szczygielska (2023) Final Editor
Zoë Vellinga (2023) Commissioner of Promotion