Sustainability Committee

This committee is the most relevant of all 😉, as we try to inspire other Stormers to implement sustainability outside of the course as well! Over the year, we will provide you with different Instagram posts, events, and fun challenges, so get readyyyyy 🤪

To organize all of this, we have an amazing team of people:
-    Robin is our wonderful chair
-    Hannah is our lovely secretary 
-    Jill is our awesome treasurer
-    Carmen is our talented commissioner of visuals
-    Alba has the most important function, as she makes sure there’s always enough snacks available during meetings!!
-    Anastasia and Vera will organize bonding activities for our committee 
-    And Lies is the commissioner of promotion 
All of these people are supported by our dear Samuel!

See you during our events!
Lots of love,
The Sustainability Committee (still thinking of a cooler name) 💚