Sustainability Committee

I proudly present to you this year’s sustainability committee: The Green Gals! As our name already tells, we are 8 girls with a big heart for sustainability. This year’s committee consists of Benthe Noyons as our beloved Chairwoman, Shreeya Patangay our Secretary, Clara Feypel our Treasurer, Eva Land our Commissioner of Promotion, Inge Ossentjuk our Boardmember, Natalie Blake, Astrid Minnema and Lia Sweetman de Clar.

Our aim is to make Storm members more aware and more sustainable in their own lifestyle. To achieve this, we will arrange two challenge weeks over the year and other events. These challenge weeks include cool events and daily challenges around a certain topic, for example the vegan challenge week! This year we also organise a committee competition (inspired by the Bee-G’s) to find out which committee or friend group is the most sustainable of them all. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s efforts!

If you have any questions or tips for us, please contact us via or send us a DM on our fabulous instagram @stormsgreengals.