International Committee

Meet The Legal Aliens👽🌎 ( International Committee '22-'23):

Since we are the first Storm International Committee, we couldn't be anything other than the one with the most nations in it. Starting from our Chair Steff, directly from Latin America, precisely Aruba, and her neighbour Giovanna, a general member of the committee coming directly from Mexico. From European countries we have Len, our Secretary originally from The Netherlands but a citizen of the World for sure, followed by Kirsten, the Treasurer, as well from the Netherlands. Moreover, we have our board member Cleo, French and Dutch at the same time! What's the country in between France and The Netherlands? Belgium! And of course our Commissioner of Visuals Laura is from there. Last but not least, our Commissioner of Promotion Giulia comes from Italy and the vice-chair Luke from Germany!
Do you know what all these people have in common? They LOVE spilling the tea.. indeed, every meeting starts or ends with an amazing gossip session where everyone spills their most deep secrets.

This is the first year that Storm has an International Committee and we are more than happy to start this amazing idea with the goal of including everyone, no matter which language they speak, in Storm.
Our first activity was a language exchange at Walden and our second activity was a Salsa class in The Vagant. In parallel, we are creating a Buddy Board system as a further help from students that are struggling with something, you can find the Buddies on the storm website, don't be afraid of shooting them a message!

xxx The Legal Aliens