Meet the buddies

Hello Stormers!

My name is Steff van den Berg, and I am already (somehow) in my last year of GSS. I am originally from Aruba, and therefore I have an interesting status so to say. Although I have the Dutch nationality, just like people who are from the Netherlands, I had to move to the Netherlands and deal with all of the struggles that come with this whole journey. Getting housing, registering at the municipality, getting insured, and a bunch of other official procedures were also all part of my first year in the Netherlands. As I have gone through all of this already and learned quite a few things (some the easy and some the hard way), I would love to help anyone who is struggling with settling in the country as well.

In my free time I love to play tennis, go to the gym (Olympos <3), sing, and make music. I used to live in Zeist in the Warande building of ssh, but after living there for two years, I (finally) moved to the beautiful city center. With regard to GSS, I will finish my thesis in period 4 of this academic year, however, after that I will remain in Utrecht until further notice, as I think my chapter in this lovely city has not yet come to an end.

If you need help with settling in the country, or any other issue you are dealing with, you can call me on +310623966073




Hi there! My name is Giovanna, I’m a 19 years-old Mexican and I’m in my first year of GSS.

About my Dutch experience.. Last year I took a gap year to choose my bachelor and to make a trip to the NL, so I’d already spent 5 months in the NL before starting my bachelor's (which I really love). I lived in Amsterdam and Utrecht and now as an international student (non EU) I can help you with your questions regarding transportation, university, a bit of dutch culture, visa, registration, work in NL (non-EU) and other basic stuff. I know how hard or lonely life can be when you are so far from home (in my case 9,000 km), so don’t hesitate to reach me, even if you are not so sure how to formulate your question (always happens to me). Here is my email and my number +31 6 82696299

According to my friends, I’m a goofball as I have a variety of hobbies so you could find me anywhere, playing tennis, painting, photography, programming, etc. Fun fact: this year I will experience my first winter ever, so wish me some luck :)

Hey fellow Stormers,

I’m Luke, already 24 years old and currently in my last year of the bachelor. I spent most of my life living in Germany but have also had some experience living abroad and having to adapt to a new culture with different norms. We all know that finding a place to live in Utrecht, or the Netherlands in general, can be quite the struggle. I’ve gone through this myself as it took me a few months to find a place where I could stay until I finish my studies, so I have a lot of experience regarding websites, room applications, and everything relating to it. Especially as an international student without any prior knowledge in Dutch, it can take some time to really settle in. I’m happy to say that I really feel at home in Utrecht and will help you in every aspect I can to also make Utrecht feel like a home to you! Something that really helped me in that aspect, apart from friends obviously, is having a life outside of university, so I started working in Horeca. So if you want to find a job in Utrecht, I might be able to assist with that as well :D

In my free time, I love to cook vegan food, make music, explore the city in search of cool new spots and spend time with the amazing friends I’ve made here.

If you think I’m the right buddy for you, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can do so via or on WhatsApp via +491776238970.

Best, Luke



Hello those with questions, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Len, 21, following the third bachelor year (Governance and Societal Transformation). Although I identify as a citizen of the Earth and don’t look the part, I am a 100% Dutch caucasian white man (not many diversity boxes being ticked here). For the past year I’ve been living in Utrecht. In these past 2 years, I’ve experienced many (international) friends and myself have to deal with a wide variety of different necessary hurdles that come with studying and living abroad/on your own. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, I am here to help out!

Some other things about myself that questions could specifically relate to: besides the bachelor, academic-wise, I’ve done a minor in Anthropology and am following the university-wide (unfortunately only in Dutch) Descartes Honours program. I’ve also been a teaching assistant for GSS-courses. Besides university, I mainly make a lot of music, especially with other people, so hit me up for information on all the Utrecht-based jam sessions and rehearsal options. Reading, partying in Utrecht or Amsterdam, checking out many thrift-shops and coffee places here and being active in Storm are some of my other hobbies.

Hi stormers!

I am Kirsten, 19 years old and a first year GSS student. I am Dutch and have lived here my whole life. Right now I stay with my parents at home, but I have lived by myself last year since I was studying in Enschede. I therefore do have experience with having to cook, clean, pay bills, finding a new gp or dentist etc. by yourself. However, it has a lot of fun aspects to it as well, such as sport associations or parties.

I also like to travel around the Netherlands, so I encounter a lot of public transport. Next to this, I love to be creative, go on hikes or cook delicious vegetarian (or vegan) meals.

So if you want information on Dutch culture, public transport, beautiful and fun places to visit or just want to ask for or share recipes, I am the one to contact!

Love, Kirsten




Hey fellow-GSS'er! 

I'm Renske. I'm a second year GSS student following the water, climate, ecosystems and the politics and social movement track. Im 19 years old and come from a small farming village called Eemnes, in the Netherlands. 

 I'm an akela at my scouting group so im used to dealing with kids, you're in safe hands with me 🙃. More of my hobbies include: volleybal, movies, 80s music and gaming. 

My email addres 📩:

My phone number ☎: 06-22684383

Hi fellow Stormers,

My name is Julia and I am already starting my third year of GSS in September! I am a Dutch citizen, who decided to move (close) to Utrecht two years ago. Since then, I have truly experienced the student life and I have absolutely loved it. I have noticed that quite some internationals are struggling with fully integrating in Dutch society and I would love to help. It is understandable that moving to another country comes with its difficulties, especially if that country is the Netherlands and the weather is always shit. So whether you have questions about Dutch culture, the night life in Utrecht or other practicalities, or if you want me to show you around Utrecht, you can always contact me! 

Some more things about myself: I am 19 years old and currently doing the Energy & Resources track of GSS. Besides that, I am following a minor in complex systems. Academic-wise, I am such a doubtful person. So if you have any questions regarding doubts about career-choices, I am your girl! In my free time, I love to go for a run, annoy my roommates or literally just chill in a park with friends. I picked up skateboarding a few weeks ago, so I might be a pro next Semester ;) 

If you think I am the right buddy for you, feel free to contact me! 

Here is my number +31 6 14501694
 and my e-mail address j.s.delange@students.uu 



Hey everyone!

My name is Tjerk Ebbinge and I will be in my 3rd year of GSS. I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I grew up on a farm in the northern part, which is called Friesland, but I’m happily living in the city of Utrecht for 2 years now. In my free time, I like to go bouldering. This year, some friends of mine introduced me to it, and I haven’t been able to stop doing it ever since. As it was quite difficult to do some sports in Utrecht (surely doable), I have not focussed on trying to play team sports. I had been doing these for most of my life, but realised there are many other sports that are fun. Besides sports, I do many other things in my free time. As I work in a bar myself, I often go out for a drink with friends. This, for me, is a great way to socialise and meet new people other than from the studies. Next to studying it is, of course, important to find people you can relate to, and start making friendships that help you develop. As I find it important for people to find their place, I would like to help be supportive and be a guide to a very eventful time!



I'm Lena (she/her), I'm 19 years old and a second year GSS'er. I'd love to help you find your way in your student life here in Utrecht! Of course we all have Storm which is an amazing association which helped me a lot to get started. But if you want some extra personal help, answers to your questions or just someone to rely on you can come to me!
Besides studying GSS I am a music artist with big ambitions, I love to do strength training at Kratistos and, like all stormers, spend much time outside :)

Phone number: +31624667783



Hi! I am Pepijn, a second year GSS student following the track WC&E. Previously, I have studied Life Science & Technology in Leiden and Delft but GSS was ultimately a much better fit. In my free time I like to make music on my ukulele and piano or listen to music such as indie rock/pop. Furthermore, I'm going to try and learn how to play a bass guitar this year!

+31 6 11473289 

Heyhey I'm Martina, come va?

I'm a third year GSS and I’m from Italy. I'm passionate about many things, but the constant ones are good food, hiking, and sustainability governance, especially at the EU level. I love chilling at the park with friends and playing volleyball. If you’re new to NL and need some help with figuring out uni, work, student finance, sport, where to go out with friends or what’s a good restaurant I'm here!
+39 3917721110 



Hai there,

My name is Stella, and I am from the Netherlands. I am currently in my second. My mom is from Brazil, so I understand how hard it can be to get used to new surroundings, a new country, a new culture, different temperatures, and different food. Two years ago, I took a gap year and travelled and worked in Lisbon, Malta, and Austria. Therefore, I have experience of how living in another country can be both scary and exciting.

A bit about myself: I enjoy being active and participate in various sports. Hanging out with my friends is something I love, and I prefer spending time outdoors rather than sitting at home.

So, if you need information about the Dutch way of living or just want to complain about the weather, I am your girl and feel free to reach out! 

Love, Stella 

Mail: number: +31 6 33804590 

Hi there!

I’m Carolina, a 20-year-old German-Australian currently in my second year of GSS. I was born in the city of Volkswagens, Wolfsburg in Germany. But I’ve spent 18 years abroad, for the most part living in Singapore, Dubai, and on the sunny island of Cyprus! Last year I moved back to mainland Europe and had to tackle various hurdles, as anyone does when they live alone abroad. From finding affordable housing, getting a BSN, opening a Dutch bank account, securing insurance and figuring out transportation. All whilst balancing your studies, associations, work and overall well-being.

You might have seen me around during the Intro week, as part of the introduction committee, or chilling in the storm room. And this year I’ll also be part of the Vagant Committee as well (the red building outside KBG). In my spare time, I love spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, and walking my dogs. But I also do enjoy cooking and hosting and am always up for a meal together or a game night. 

If you have any questions, I’m here (think of me as your older GSS sister), this is my email, and my telephone number +49 1754592280. Feel free to reach out ;)