Do you have an affinity with sustainability, are you communicative, flexible and can you get along well with different people? Then Wocozon has the job for you immediately! Hybrid | 4-24 hours

What are you going to do?
We are looking for new enthusiastic and flexible colleagues who are interested in sustainability and energy saving and enjoy informing residents of social housing about the benefits they can get from solar panels. This will happen in different ways. Sometimes you will hold a webinar in the evening or an information session in the afternoon or evening. At other times, call residents or visit residents door-to-door. We also ask you to perform some light administrative tasks.

Of course, not before you explain exactly what benefits this has for the residents, why it is important to switch to sustainable energy and exactly how our solar panel range works. You know how to clearly explain the content of the offer that the residents have received. So that they can then clearly understand our offer and make a well-considered choice to accept our offer - just like all the other tens of thousands of tenants.

Wocozon is a non-profit organization that wants everyone to enjoy the sun to the fullest, including the residents of rental properties. How is this possible? As a Solar Power Advisor, you know how to explain this to them in detail. Provided that everyone has a free choice!

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