European Energy


European Energy is a Danish company, founded in 2004, whose mission is to grow into a global force that champions the green transition, develops green energy solutions and encourages the world to join the movement towards a fossil free society. In European Energy we are developing constructing, operating, managing and divesting renewable energy projects. Our core business is built on energy from the sun and the wind (both on- and offshore). We strive to adapt our projects to the local environment and energy system by, for example, developing our own agri-PV constellations and biodiverse solar farms. Besides wind and solar, we play a key role in the development of Power-to-X solutions by producing green hydrogen and e-methanol to fuel the transportation sector. At European Energy we have a variety of in-house competencies within everything from Project Sales, Asset Management to Green Heating solutions.


European Energy is characterized by a creative and innovative way of thinking through which we pursue new ideas and technologies, power new projects and cultivate the new thinking that will enable us to contribute to a more sustainable world. With offices in more than 15 countries, and nearly 500 employees representing over 30 nationalities, European Energy is a truly international environment that values a diverse culture. We welcome new colleagues with various backgrounds, united by an interest in the energy transition, to join our company.


In 2021 we decided to bring our innovative and creative approach to project development to The Netherlands. This was complemented in the summer of 2022 with the opening of our local Dutch office in Utrecht, which we are currently expanding. We are building an organization that will deliver multiple industrial scale renewable energy projects each year.


If you are curious to know more about what we do and who we are, visit our corporate website or LinkedIn page!