Bob Ross and Chill

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Board 2019/2020 "Beaufort Ten"
Date and time
May 26, 2020 14:00 - 16:00
Home Sweet Home

Bob Ross and Chill

Hi there! 


Feel like exploring your inner artist in these corona times? Want to gently make happy accidents on a blank canvas? Come join us at some amazing painting (and wine??) with the ever-soothing Bob Ross as our teacher (we promise, no nudes, only what we Stormers love most: nature <3). 


- paint (preferably oil paint) and a palette/plate to put it on (also black and white)
- some brushes
- white canvas (or a wall, old cardbord box, your old uni books... possibilities are endless) (40x50 cm, larger is also possible)
- paint cleaning solvent (such as terpentine, because oil pant does not dissolve in water)
- newspaper or old cloth to protect your workspace
- wear old(er) clothes! 

For those who want to know what they're in for, we're going to make this gorgeous little scene. No worries, Bob will help us get there! 


Hope to see you there!

Beaufort Ten

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