Dag Weg Dag

The organisation of 'Bescherm het Bos' (Protect the Forest) and Storm have been working together in the past and they contacted us again for Dag Weg Dag. On the 4th of November 2018, the city center of Utrecht turned into a demontration area for the forest of Amelisweerd. We helped promoting this day, guiding the 'fiets demontatie' (cycling demonstation) and providing the demonstators with the needed supplies for the signs.

The government has been planning on expanding the A27 highway, resulting in the disappearance of a big part of the forest. This would have a huge impact on the ecosystem of the forest and the city. The team of 'Beschem het Bos' believes there are better sustainable alternatives and we are happy to support this message. 

We were happy to help organise this day and are glad it was a big success!