A Life in a Room

The Dutch government made it very clear: most people should stay inside as much as they can till at least June. Let that sink in. The spring of 2020 for most will be one of artificial lighting and closed doors. The birds will sing but not to us. It's a shame. Understandable of course, despite the hard work of many brave people the virus is not yet controlled. It is difficult to think about what our coming months will be like. Now it’s still new, the changes are still fresh. But our worlds have definitely changed. The borders have shrunk. They have shrunk to our homes, for some to a single room. Will this new world ever become routine? How will we cope?

I'm spending a lot of time in my room. It seems manageable. Quite relaxing actually but still. Waking up in the same room where I study, socialize and work my side job is a weird experience. The real world seems very far away. It feels like I'm in a little spaceship. When my mother comes in to talk to me about something it’s like an alien has come from outer space. What is this? I need to help clean the kitchen? But it's corona time! I am doing my duty to fellow humans by doing nothing!

But life has to go on. People still try to reach my little spaceship and I try to reach them. Sadly, the connection is limited. I miss the little smile, the slide nod or more importantly the hug. This virus clearly shows how connected we humans really are. We're fragile. I'm writing this as I'm discording with my friends talking about whatever. I need that and they need it too. 

But we'll get through it. By helping each other. By calling people that feel lonely. By washing our hands. But we have to be clear. The most important thing right now, if you can, is stay home. Summer will come or whenever it will be time. Then we can leave our rooms behind and enjoy the sun. 


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