Astrology 101

Are you a Sagittarius, Leo, Taurus or Gemini? Or maybe one of the other eighth zodiac
signs? I think everybody has read a horoscope once in their lifetime, and maybe thought by
themself: ‘this is stupid, how can a zodiac sign know what the future is going to bring?’ And
most of the time they are right and all the little stories are just made up by whoever was in
charge of writing the horoscope. But whereas zodiac signs have little power in predicting
your future it can actually say something about someone's personality. And this goes further
than just being a cancer or a scorpio, as this is only your sun sign. I am for example a
Taurus, but my moon is in sagittarius and my rising sign is in Cancer. I know that this won’t
say much probably, therefore I welcome you to astrology 101 ;)

Your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are your big three from your birth chart. Your birth chart
shows you the positions from the planets, sun and moon at the moment you were born. Here
is a breakdown of the three signs:

Your sun sign is the sign you probably already know. This sign tells you about your
individual self, your personality and your ego. It tells you your creative ability and the power
you have to face the challenges of everyday life.

Your moon sign tells you about your emotional self, which one can also see as your true,
inner self. It shows how a person expresses themselves when they are at home, at ease,
and feel the most comfortable. 

Your rising sign or also known as your ascendant can only be known if you know your time
of birth. It tells you about how you act in your life, and therefore how others see you. It is
about the attitude you have towards life and the image of the personality that others see of

But, there are many more components that say something about your life. For example, your
Venus tells us about your interaction with others and Mars symbolizes the desire for action
and physical energy. So, it totally might be possible that you’ve once read about your sun
sign before but it just did not relate to you. Then there is a high chance that either your moon
or rising sign will say more about the person you are or one of the other planets.

Maybe after reading this, you might still be skeptical about all this ‘stars and moon’ stuff,
then this information has just only become a nice conversation starter at a party. But maybe
after reading this you have become more interested in knowing your own birth chart, and
what the big three might say about you. Then I strongly recommend you to look up your birth
chart and read more about it :) My personal favourite site to look at your birth chart is , this site also explains what each specific sign in
which position means. All there is left for me to say is to stay open for new things, because
who knows, astrology might surprise you ;)

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