Must see TV-shows

I love TV shows and almost watch them daily. I first started watching them on those sketchy online sites but soon enough I had my own little Netflix subscription. And now I think I have watched 50+ shows already! So, here are a few of my favourites.


Firstly, I would recommend you all to watch gossip girl. The tea, the drama, the love stories in this high school teenage show is just addictive to watch. The show is about a group of teenagers who live on the Upper East Side in New York which is one of the most fancy, rich neighbourhoods. These group of kids experience all kinds of events but they have to be careful in what they do; because they are being followed by Gossip Girl... Gossip Girl exposes all their secrets online and there is nothing she doesn’t know. The show is not necessarily about finding her identity but more about the daily life of the teenagers. You will really be dragged into their lives and sometimes wish you could attend those fancy galas! So, definitely a good show to watch.


Secondly, The 100 is another favourite of mine. The show is set in a futuristic world where earth has been destroyed by a nuclear war. But fortunately there were people up in the space stations at the time the bombs dropped who survived. They combined all space stations together and formed the ‘Ark’. 100 years later they send 100 teenagers to the ground to explore if if is survivable and from this point the story starts. This show is so amazing because it shows people who are really trying tot survive, make connections with the survivors on earth (yes, people survived the nuclear attack!!!), fight for themselves and take on leader roles. It shows the tough decisions that has fo be made but there’s js also enough room for fun and love. All in all, a great show, and it has 7 seasons!!


Lastly, prison break is also a very good show. The show is about two brother from which one is in jail waiting to be executed in jail as he supposedly has killed the vicepresident her brother. The other brother believes in his innocence and therefore does anything to try to get him out of prison. He purposely commits a crime to be sent to the same prison as his brother and from there on he sets up an escape plan.


The show is so exiting! Has the needed love story (Sara and Michael are meant to be!!!!) and the story line is just so good. So, definitely a must watch.


Hope that you will be just as exited as I am about the shows!

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